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Medi Facial

Medi Facial

Medi Facials derive their name from being medical-strength cosmetic treatments, but that doesn’t mean that a Medi Facial needs to be harsh on your skin – it just means it’s more ‘results’ driven that a relaxation facial. Medi Facials can be tailored for sensitive skin types and skin conditions like rosacea, acne, scarring, pigmentation, sun damage every face is individual and our skins needs are ever changing due to climate, stress, cycle and age to name but a few. So, leave it to the experts at Aesthetic Health to treat your skin to the latest facial techniques whilst you lay back and reap the benefits. 

Diamond Laser MediSpa supply well-proven skin treatments scientifically recognised AHA, Retinyl products (Vitamin A), Vitamin C, SPFs in our cream ranges and clinical equipment for micro-needling, micro-dermabrasion and sonophoresis and laser technologies. An effective, concentrated, lightening, tightening and ssbrightening mask is used, customised with a personalised selection of potent ‘actives’ to address your skins specific skin condition.

The Medifacial Should Be Repeated Every 4-6 Weeks For Continued Improvement. A Course Of At Least 6 Is Recommended.

  • Anti-Aging Medi-Facial
  • Decongesting Medi-Facial
  • Acne Clearing Medi-Facial
  • Rosacea Medi-Facial
  • Skin Damage/Healing Medi-Facial
  • Brightening Medi-Facials
  • Re-Hydration Medi-Facial
  • Pigment Reduction Medi-Facial
  • Sensitive Skin Medi-Facial

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