Hair Transplantation in Males

Hair transplantation is the latest trend not only for those who have lost hair due to several health problems but people are considering this option to change their hairline. Many women suffer from hair loss and thinning hair. Baldness is common in both women and men; women they start losing front hair Men start losing their hair in a U shape.

However, it has always been believed that hair loss is associated only with women. However, this is not a situation where baldness is very common in men. Also, people believe that hair transplants are only for men, that’s not true. This method is safe for both men and women. Whoever chooses surgery, the results of the surgery are also permanent.

Hair loss can take many forms in both men and women. Because of this treatment also varies depending on the needs of each patient. Hair transplants can be adapted, especially for hair loss in men and women. So the process is different between men and women.

No hair transplant surgery is not just for men it is also for women. Let us see this article to know how hair transplant surgery is done in men and women before that let us see differences between male and female pattern baldness.

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