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Acne CO2 Laser

Acne CO2 Laser

The Acne Specialist largest selection of laser and light based methods to treat acne scarring. The CO2 laser forms an integral part in the management of moderate to severe scarring. This laser is more powerful than Erbium, Pearl and the Fraxel laser. CO2 laser is ideal for certain types of acne scarring, in suitable skin types. CO2 lasers used in dermatology for the treatment of scars and skin rejuvenation for over 20 years, and still remains an excellent modality if performed correctly.
The CO2 laser can be used in 3 main modes – full resurfacing, fractional resurfacing, and a combination of both. The mode we choose will depend on your scar type, skin type and downtime. The CO2 laser forms an integral part of acne scar revision- it is one of the main methods we employ to treat acne scars.

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